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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Fistful Of Dollars

monteHe’s clutching the key to the Bentley, smoking his Cuban cigar while making plans on his Bluetooth with pen in hand. It’s all part of the plan to make him look real important and very rich. Be impressed, be very impressed.


  1. The Swedish singing group, ABBA, sings a song, "Money, money, money...."

  2. so this is an advert for men's hair cream. clearly.
    does he have a well trimmed beard also? i think so.
    i'll bet his shoes are just a little too pointy, but waxed to a brilliant sheen.
    but what we're all wondering is, what's his choice of undergarment.....?

  3. They're probably Audi A8 keys and the pen is out of ink....too many deals gone bad.