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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beirut By Storm

storm (2)

                         The long awaited rain arrived…

storm (3)

                             packing heavy winds.

storm (4)


taanayel (16)


storm (5)

storm (6) 

storm (7)


                        The now famous airport billboard.    

storm (8)                     Sukleen soldiers waging war on debris.

storm (9) 

storm (10)


                                 Snow has arrived!


            Once the fog cleared……snow-capped Sannine.


  1. And i hope those billboards will never be fixed again... so much visual pollution!

  2. I heard about the billboards that were flying off their hinges and colliding with cars on the highway..How dangerous!! Who do you think is going to be paying for all of this? The advertiser, the agency, the media buyer, or the outdoor company? Crazzzy! I really hope no one got hurt. Hope you weren't on the road when the billboards went flying!

  3. Simon, certainly these signs will come back. Danielle,most likely the sign owners are responsible for the sign repair or removal and damages to property. As for the other parties, well, may the best man win. Did the wind and rain make you homesick for a hurricane and the hurricane party to go with it?

  4. You MUST grab the one at the airport! It looks like it was bombed out!

  5. You should have seen the billboard at the airport.....

  6. Now I MUST see the one in the airport!
    Jeeeez, so much damage. I was on the Saida highway yesterday and thought of your blog upon seeing all the falling billboards. :\ Oops.

  7. The airport photo has been added. It's amazing to see the damage.

  8. Nice set!!
    I always wonder how do you manage to shoot all these photos while driving! Do you mind satisfying my curiosity please? :)

  9. Rami, thanks for your comments :) How do I drive and shoot?.... very carefully!