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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fast Forward

Aishti ads have been featured many times on this blog. Last year, Aishti's ad campaign took a strange turn. Yellow shoe boxes started showing up. The models were gone. Yellow bags took their place. The shoe box appeared on a spider's web. Boxes were stacked and a yellow star placed on top for Christmas. The yellow box is still here but now with a not-hot model on a yellow boat. Tarek at Beirut/NTSC seemed to have an explanation for what was going on and Danielle from This Is Beirut said Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh were the forces behind this ad campaign. **These ads are dark, boring, vague and seemingly without end. It's hard to see how this ad has anything to do with what they sell at Aishti. If the point is to bring awareness to a social cause, to raise money or to demonstrate Aishti's corporate conscience, the point is easily missed. Here's a notion, why not take the cost of this ad campaign and donate it to a good cause and spare us.
This is Beirut, we like our ads sexy, edgy and anything except boring. Take a "Drive-by" and you'll see!

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  1. hahah! The first thing that came to mind when I saw this ad was an emaciated girl who has been stuck in the middle of the ocean without food and drinks. I mean, is this? is indeed the truth that Sagmeister (the genius that he is) got paid upwards of 10 million to do these ads for Aishti. Seriously, give us that money and we'll come up with something so much better and culturally/socially relevant!