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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Other Woman

exotica (3)      Who is she and why does she have a toothbrush collection?


  1. the mother of your children?

  2. oh wait, it could be your lover, and the tooth brushes are those that you leave at her place ... or those of all her other lovers ... either case, she wouldn't want flowers, she'd want something more expensive!

  3. It's clearly the wife. She's been using the vase for the family's toothbrushes since her husband stopped after all those years bringing her flowers.

  4. It seems this ad has a history, explained by Beirut/NTSC

    here's the link for the very cute tvc

    too bad the ad doesn't have a link :)

  5. Well, once more the Drive by/NTSC alliance proves that good can be evil and all that :) Hurray to the next episode!

  6. Hi Tarek,
    very well thought you have, i like your thought....