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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blom Beirut Marathon 2011

BMA 2011 042
Thanks to the Beirut Marathon Association for giving me a chance to get out of my car and stand with the real media pro’s on race day!
BMA 2011 121
           It all started very early in the morning…..yawn.
BMA 2011 019
         These are my heroes. They’re unstoppable.
BMA 2011 422
       The 5K fun run gave everyone a chance to participate.
BMA 2011 869
The 1K Run with Mom is a great idea, don’t all Mom’s run after their kids anyway?
BMA 2011 729
This was the 1K Special race for VIPS and of course some politicians.  It really should be renamed the “Photo Op” race.
BMA 2011 005
                       King of the Hill- Maxime Chaya
BMA 2011 147
Queen of the Marathon- May El-Khalil along with Sports Legend- Edwin Moses (special thanks to that guy for setting up the shot)
BMA 2011 821
I bet Miss USA Rima Fakih  was excited to finally meet our very own Ziad Baroud who just happens to have 60,000 facebook fans!
BMA 2011 943
        My advice, do not get in their way! They mean business!
BMA 2011 1170
The 42K is the big race but the 10K is the really really big race with over 20,000 participants.
BMA 2011 1258
   Of course there’s a guy on his cell phone, this is Lebanon!
BMA 2011 1311
                Our much loved Lebanese Red Cross.
BMA 2011 1889
            Lots of people were out playing in the street.
BMA 2011 143
               City Daily Photo’s Theme Day- Action Shot
                        Click to view all participants.