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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Show Must Go On…..

lara fabian (2)                             but just someplace else.


  1. Lara Fabian tickets were $200- $500, wonder what the ticket sales were like??

  2. my, you do have a lot of over-sized billboards. that would generally be restricted in the states.

  3. I think the ban was fair. Israel to Lebanon is like Al Qaida to the USA .
    I wonder if the Americans would welcome an artist who supports Al Qaida.

    1. there was no ban, Lara Fabian cancelled after the threat of a boycott.. read here

    2. your analogy is very flawed. Lara is not even isreali..she just perfomed there...the Pope had visited isreal so now he is not allowed to come to Lebanon...our arab "brothers" have done a lot more harm and damage to Lebanon than isreal could ever dream of...stone age mentality...with this thinking Lebanon will become the next TORA BORA !!!

    3. The Pope did not hold a mass at Israel's Anniversary. There are Christians living in Israel, he went to visit them just like any Pope would do anywhere there are Catholics.

      Lara Fabian sang at the 60th Anniversary of the creation of Israel. Israel is an Apartheid state that has been committing genocide since its creation and keeps on doing so until today (including at the time of Fabian's concert). The boycott was not because she performed in Israel. It was the event she celebrated and sang for. And for your information, that concert she held to celebrate Apartheid took place in Paris, not in Israel.

      When internationally renowned artists boycotted South Africa at the time of Apartheid no one accused them of stone age mentality. Stone age mentality is to welcome just about anything and accept injustice, no matter where it is in the world. Palestine included.