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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lebanese Brew

lebanese brew “Try something brave” seems like a nice idea but isn’t that what Lebanese do on a daily basis? Lawless,hazardous roads, insane drivers, drunken drivers barreling down mountain roads, polluted air and beaches, tainted food, expired drugs, corrupt law enforcement, treading carefully through the land mines of wasta, not knowing who has it and who doesn’t, freedom of speech as long as you don’t step on the wrong toes, entering an elevator wondering if the power Gods will frown upon you, entering an aging building knowing it was inspected ages ago, if ever, watching the ambulance sirens being ignored as the driver nudges the injured through traffic, knowing any needed blood will be scrounged up by the family, watching blood being drawn by a lab tech who doesn’t wear any gloves as the donor wonders who is most at risk in this case, the donor or the recipient, instinctively knowing not to touch loose wires hanging near the sidewalk and using spider senses to know where the sidewalk ends,dips, snags or drops down into a new construction gorge are just a sampling of what the average Lebanese bravely faces on a daily basis. So thanks for suggesting we kick it up a notch. How about pass a beer.. or 2… 3?  Nevermind, just keep ‘em coming.
Brofessional Report has the entire ad campaign since wouldn’t open…hmmm.

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  1. Lak tfeh 3ala hal agencies elli mfakrin 7alon creative. Akbar creative director bi libnen byeswa sermeyeh. Yalla fta7o el kteb w n2elo.