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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lebanese Blogosphere Billboard Round-Up

Lebanese Bloggers have plenty to say about advertising and our billboards and they don’t hold back. Read on.

Pope Mania –The Beirut Report has a huge collection of billboards welcoming the Pope to Lebanon. Has Lebanon gone crazy? Sure.

The World's Largest 3-D Billboard At Beirut Souks- Blog Baladi shares the link to this 3-D exhibit. Will Lebanon get yet another Guinness World Record for this billboard?

Super Nancy –Joe’s Box wonders what Nancy Ajram’s ad is all about. What do you think?

Sexism In Advertising-The Mazda Example- Ivy Says the Mazda ad is the same ole-same-ole sex sells gimmick. Naked women and cars. Wonder who the target market is?

Rape In The First World- You Asked For It!- Beirut/NTSC serves up a big dish of reality with these unbelievable ads. You wanted it, right?

Fashal-Wael Kfoury Pooping On A Godfather Font – Gino’s Blog’s takes a big dump on this ad. Tell us what you really think, Gino.

Bonus Track*

Will Nudity Raise Awareness? Now Lebanon’s Blog exposes myths about Breast Cancer via this bold TVC from the Scottish Government.

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