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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back To The Future

bus (2) Should maids be treated fairly? Yes, of course! The real question….did we get new buses? Lebanon’s buses didn’t look that good when they were new!


  1. I'm glad u brought up the topic (well sort of, since u shrugged it for a new bus). But Lebanese's treatment to maid is disgusting! i've been around the world and never seen so much racism as much as I've seen in Lebanon. it's shameful! racism against SriLankans, Syrians, Egyptians, Africans.
    The arrogance thinking they are better than pple and themselves don't do any work!

    glad i got that one off my chest!

  2. @simon...needed to vent?
    racisim exists in every country around the world...lebanon isnt special in this situation. i agree its bad...but whats even worse is that their home countries facilitate their arrangments to basically be slaves at such a low wage.


    My article about the way some people treats their maids. It is a shame! It is similar to the way people treated their slaves, a couple 100 years ago!

    People should wake up and see what is really going on, and then fight to give those women their rights!

  4. It is a shame to see maids mistreated and there's no excuse. There are even worse stories coming from the gulf/KSA and little is said about the human rights of maids there, maybe the right to stand up for human rights isn't their right. Somehow it's reasonable to think that most,if not all of the 18 religious sects coexisting in Lebanon calls their followers to treat one another with love and respect, but then that hasn't worked out so well at times. It may seem odd that many Lebanese people show little sympathy for this cause but maybe it's because they have their own causes. Like trying to pay 2 phone bills, 2 electric bills, 2 water bills, school tuition, sitting in unbearable traffic,tolerating overpriced crappy internet, tire-killing potholes(if they even have a car),managing wasta, finding another country to work/live in...among many other things. For the average Lebanese, they are hoping for more humane treatment in their daily lives...and maybe then they can hire a maid and treat her with the same respect they have enjoyed.