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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Veiled Women

murielle (4)
“Are women in Lebanon veiled"?”
dagher (5)
This is a common question…..
dagher (6)
from westerners who are unfamiliar with Lebanon.
dagher (3)
The answer is easy.
fares (8)
Some women are and some women are not, except…
during wedding season…
raad (2)
when veiled women seem to be everywhere!


  1. this blog has become a mascarade. It's obsessed with girls on billboards. grow up.

  2. + 1 on the obsessive masquerade. The spelling means little here.

  3. Or maybe perhaps this blog is a reflection of Lebanese society's obsession with girls and weddings, rather than a personal preference.

  4. Just to clarify a few things. Just before this post- "Damaged Goods" May 10th, Beirut streets were inundated with lingerie and swimwear ads.
    BDBS featured these ads without commentary for 40 days, using only Roman Numerals as titles. These often larger than life ads are relevant and current. If these ads weren't out there, the ads would not appear on this blog. This blog invites you to enjoy or suffer along with what advertisers display. Wedding season continues..... Provocative and risque ads will be featured occasionally as least until advertisers decide to do something better.

  5. You know something, I really don't appreciate negative comments about the content of blogs..if you don't like reading a blog or find the content childish,,please stop reading, and read something else! Or, only comment on the things that you think are worthwhile..why waste your time and create negative energy on a medium that really is supposed to be about education, awareness, and most of all fun!

    Anyway..for me, and outsider, it really has been educational checking this blog as I don't often get the chance to get outside of Beirut and Hamra..

    My question about advertising here then becomes, why are everyone such copy cats?? It's incredible!! But the bigger question is, why is "summer" wedding season? when it is so BLOODY HOT! I wouldn't want to get married in summer!!

    Keep on keeping on BDBS..and ur commentary is spot on!

  6. All comments are appreciated...
    and some more than others :)