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Monday, August 9, 2010

Color My World (2)   “Lebanese are being bombarded in the form of outdoor advertising. Billboards fight for attention. While many cities have beautification and restoration committees, Beirut counts on the creativity of advertisers to add a bit of color and at least temporarily add beauty to crumbling buildings.
Here are some of what Lebanese are subjected to on a daily basis. Enjoy or suffer along with us.”
saliba       Beirut Drive-by Shooting is 1 year old today. Thanks to the advertisers for providing so many great ads! Thanks to the many readers from around the world. Special thanks to the Lebanese Blogosphere.


  1. What's up with the British English spelling of "Colour"?

  2. Congrats on the anniversary! Keep up the awesome coverage!

  3. Maybe when you use the British spelling it seems more elegant, maybe you can charge a higher price?
    Thanks Fadi!!

  4. Those hoardings may have the dubious honour of actually holding the buildings together from a stuctural standpoint along with that dashing splash of colour. Quite the distinction I should think...........Cheers all.

  5. They are probably trying to cover the mismatched buildings n to divert passerby from any imperfections.... Fight chaos with more chaos

  6. Happy Anniversary! (Sorry I'm late!) You were one of the first Lebanese blogs that I every motivated me to start my own! Looking forward to many more years, and many more insane billboards (along with your sarcastic reviews ahha) Congrats!