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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Or Less

City Mall (3) Wishing for extra bodies isn’t necessary…..

City Mall (2) A few extra hands are guaranteed…..

City Mall There are plenty of extra feet around….

City Mall (4)

and of course extra mouths to feed.

This is Lebanon, where families rely on each other…..well at least someone is relied on more than others, that person already has a few extra bodies to dress, hands to stuff cash into, feet waiting for new shoes and of course the extra mouths to feed while the very same mouth drinks too much arak and bellows out drunken advice at the very table the benefactor has provided.


  1. Most guys wish they had 4 hands.

  2. bahahahah! that's so funny..hahahahahah

    Why would you need more of any body part? So you can wear everything you bought in one day? Or be able to carry around all of the things you bought?

    Hello! That's what men are

  3. EWWW!

    i don't like this one freakin bit!

    Looks like a concept a 13 year old from school would come up with. Not creative at all.

    Hurts my eyes..i swear.

  4. Love it.
    very powerful Lebanese insight.