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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back To Back

Daniela Tobler
                        Framing the road like bookends!
Daniela Tobler (2)


  1. ive been in to DT jeans in their weird little shop on the highway. given the amount they spend on advertising one would imagine a better in store experience.
    and by the way, unless you are size minus 5, you're not fitting into those jeans.
    as always, the requirement for any outdoor ad in beirut is some sort of semi nakedness, good for road safety and all round family fun.
    so bravo daniela tobler, for spending all your money on billboards, zero on brand building, and zero in store experience.

  2. Love the photo... great job :-)

  3. I don't know the brand and don't know the jeans... What I am commenting on is your photos, the fact that you always get it just right and spot these banners. Love them and always look forward to them!!! :-)

  4. As a man, I always wonder: Why is it that women cannot wear jeans with any other item of clothing? Or are the advertisers afraid that any other clothing item would take away from the attention the jeans deserves?

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  6. Daniela Tobler Jeans orginally has 4 cuts:
    - Crazy
    - Super Low Waist
    - Medium Waist
    - High Waist

    DT Jeans takes denim in a refreshing new direction.
    DT Jeans premium denim have always put quality and styling first while giving intense attention to details; from the fasion-forward seams, to the remarkable embroidery and innovative hand-sanded vintage washes.
    DT Jeans has distinguished itself as a leader in the high-end denim market for women, men and soon for kids.