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Friday, February 25, 2011

Verbal Agreement

We can agree to disagree but subject and verbs should always agree.
                       “Hamburgers is all we do”


  1. ma3 i7tirame laillak, this is common in the US. I like the saying "It's how we do", especially in hip-hop songs. I guess in Arabic ya3ne "ne7na heyk"?

  2. ahem, hamburgers ARE* all we do....they're too busy cooking to check grammar

  3. It works, Hamburgers is their job description, the whoel sentence should be, Making Hamburgers is all we do, but for the sake of making a slogan out of the sentence, one can understand..

    so i don't see the issue, many slogans for many brands are grammatically flawed. now i still haven't tried their burger, when i do i will tell you if they should stick to that job, or find a new one...


  4. The slogan "Hamburgers are all we do" is not only grammatically correct but reads nicely. #justsaying

  5. Ronman is right. My boss left off 1/6th of my paycheck, it works, the whole paycheck should be 100%, but for the sake of saving money, one can I dont see the issue, many paychecks are numerically flawed. now i still can't make rent, when i do get kicked out, i will tell you if i stick to my job or find a new one.....

    "hamburgers" and "making hamburgers" is the same in the same way "file" and "pedophile" are the same. Adding words changes things.

  6. mashina... who cares... the important thing is that its good...

  7. Funny one Anon, But my suggestion has nothing to do with your boss not paying you what you deserve (if that is really the case, i suggest you get a spine, resign or even as for a raise). Anyway are there many people in Lebanon getting truly what they deserve to live a really decent life? But anyway I digress, Grammar has been hashed by corporation much bigger than the classic burger joint for the sake of a catchy slogan.

    BDBS is right, Hamburgers are all we do is correct, but the one i think doesn't sound wrong for the general public...we're nitpicking here, really