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Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Have Time….

…to see Seasons 1,2 & 3 before Season 4 starts, if you hurry! Shankaboot is the world’s first Arabic web series and it’s filmed in Lebanon.  For non-Arabic speakers, there are English subtitles and if you have slow internet(Lebanon), there’s a low-bandwidth version. The Shankaboot launch party will be on Feb.11th in Hamra.
This video is part of Shankactive. “Shankactive is a creative space to showcase where you can showcase any multi-media project inspired by Shankaboot.”  Awards will be presented to the winners at the launch party.
         Beirut Drive-By Shooting is proud to be a Shankabootee!


  1. Love your blog I don't know if I would laugh or feel sad when I saw the second clip with the srilankiyeh !

  2. Thanks,the video is very well done about a very unfortunate situation for many workers not only in Lebanon but in the gulf as well.

  3. Love the second video! It's from the AUB conference on blogging, right? :D Really depicts the situation perfectly.