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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brides On Parade

dominique fayad (28)                              Why spend time…

antonios (2)
                          going from shop to shop?
arsouni                         Gather your best gal pals…
dominique (2)                                  load up the car…..

dominique (11)
                                  drive up and down
lesley's (29)                                Zalka Highway
eleanore (2)                         until you find the “one”
hilda (7)                           but don’t think about
eleanore (14)
                             stopping for lunch or a snack
gina (8)
                             after a day of shopping

lesley's (15)
                                 get over to the gym
mirielle (29)
                    and start working on those arms and shoulders
                          Lebanese designers have agreed
                                  for better or worse
tony yaccoub (5)
                                       the dress will be
tamaranasr (2)
toni rizk (4)


  1. I'm enjoying this series on ads for wedding stuff. You're capturing the mania perfectly

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  3. It's a shame how weddings have ended up nowadays, a fashion parade rather than a true celebration of love and commitment.. All billboards put together as such drastically highlight the absurd state of the wedding industry in the Lebanon.

  4. They should stop calling it a wedding and call it what it is- a production. Lights, camera, action! Thanks for the comments, it's always good to hear from fellow bloggers. :)

  5. Production!!

    SPOT ON! haha that is what is should be called

  6. "strapless" haha... good point :) current fashion trend or demand-driven?

  7. hehehe i was skipping the photos to read what u were saying! hehehe smart strapless all the way :p eno hek derej so hitting the gym would b smart :p