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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10 Cholesterol Lowering Foods

lurpak After extensive research, butter and eggs are no where on this list!
hawa Here’s some food for thought and thoughts on food. Tarek at Beirut/NTSC has a nice explanation for the Lurpak ad. Paty M’s blog offers some healthy advice. Sahtein!


  1. Don't dare read about Lurpak as it's the only butter I have with my toast and Marmite!!! hehehe :-))

  2. Yii Thanks for mentioning me, yea after the maamoul and eggs season, cholesterol levels are peaking now :p

  3. Mich, we'll have to find some research that shows butter and Marmite is good for you :)
    Paty, maybe after the chocolate and all the goodies, your blog will get us all back on track!

  4. Yummm..butter..egggsssssss......who cares about cholesterol! Cholesterol shmesterol!

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