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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Are You Calling Me Fat?

Blonde or Brunette? Why is the "blonde" in a small curvy shaped glass while the "brunette" is in the big round glass? Why does the "blonde" appear smaller as the "brunette" appears much larger? Just what do you mean by that Almaza?


  1. And why is the brunette drooling?

  2. the blonde has no boobs...thats it!

  3. They could just call it light or dark...would that be racist?

  4. Some answers...
    For dark beer (pure malt) "Tulip" glass is recommended: it's bowl-shaped to highlight aroma and the beer's foam head.
    The Pur Malt appears larger because it was intentionally placed in the first plan, and that's because it's almaza's newest product (2-3 years old) (regular almaza is 77 years old and almost all the lebanese have tasted it :D

  5. One more detail :D
    This ad campaign was launched last winter in order to compete somehow with Wine. We lebanese doesn't have a "beer culture", we think that beer is a summer drink!

  6. Thank you Marc!! You couldn't have said it any better! Almaza ads are not something to make fun of. I'm an art director myself and i like their campaigns; creative, simple with a touch of a lebanese humor.