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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deal or No Deal?

US donates Dodge Chargers and Military Equipment to ISF and LAF
(Export Sales of Washington State Apples and Cranberries up 1200% )


  1. i dont get it...maybe im too sleepy

  2. It seemed a bit more than coincidence that soon after Lebanon started receiving the U.S. donations of military equipment and police vehicles, the availability of these 2 very American items(apples and cranberries) increased.
    Funny enough, Lebanon produces more than enough apples to feed all of Lebanon and the Washington State apples certainly don't taste any better. Cranberries are very new to the Lebanese market as none are produced in Lebanon or the region for that matter. So I have to ask...Deal or no Deal?

  3. ahaaaa halla2 fhemet hahahaha, yeah I say it's deal. especially the apples, fair enough the cranberries they can make up something about introducing the product to the region blah blah blah(Cranberry juice is already available in the not too far Gulf states). but in another way If companies like Ocean Spray are willing to pay for media space then it means they are coming at it strongly and they probably know that they're gonna have a hard time taking any market share in a region and country famous for it's natural fruit juices, well they might have a market with the bars and night clubs (relatively cheap and as it's full of chemicals it lasts for long in storage unlike fresh juice)