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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seeya Later Alligator

After while...crocodile!
*[At the time of publishing, no jeweler or jeweler group has claimed responsibility
for this piece of work, it's assumed to be the work of an outside,
 previously unnamed group. Fashion police are investigating all leads.]


  1. No crocodiles were harmed in the making of this commercial...

    (Once civil laws are passed, and 18 year old kids can vote, and women have the same rights as men, and secularism is the way, they should pass a law whereby people who make such ads should be locked up...)

  2. (and at that time, Lebanon will also have good internet, decent cell phone rates, 24/24 affordable electricity, water, sewage treatment and waste management.....this should have started out...once upon a time..)

  3. (and Beirut Drive-by shooting will have the option of "Notify me by e-mail of follow up comments" so that fellow bloggers won't need a post to remind them that they commented and to see if they got a reply!!)