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Monday, July 19, 2010

Go Figure

le mall
     Are these freaky mannequins supposed to look like real women?


  1. This is awesome :) hehehehe...
    i love it, it is so true... how many were you on the beach only to be horrified and sickened by the view of a "healthy" woman wearing a bikini?

    Please pple, men and women, wear the beachwear that you look good in, not those that brad pitt or angelina look good in...

  2. I drove past this the other day but couldn't get enough of a look at it..but I did notice something was off..

    What the hell is this about?

    This is just offensive..

  3. How is it offensive? it's actually encouraging all women to "shed their insecurities" if you read the slogan closely.

    a message to women of all shapes to embrace their faults especially when it comes to need to look like a sports illustrator cover girl!

    i can understand why the men won't like it :P

    cool graphics!any idea who did this??

  4. the concept is fine but it's such a distorted view and over-exaggerated

  5. The concept is fine..I agree..but the graphics are just too much..I would have liked it if they used real people instead of freakish mannequins.

  6. I dont know, I think the mannequins look cool! Scary, yes, but still cool...

    Is this 3D or some photoshop wizardry? Who is doing this work in Beirut or abroad?