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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sign Of The Times

heineken (6) In Beirut, the question- “Would you like a beer?” is rarely followed with this question…. “What time is it?” but thanks for the update.


  1. Get a few couples together with the Intex dude plus some Heineken and a little of that VCF and a you won't need to know what time it is, someone will know.

  2. Ahh beloved Miami..there is always a party in Miami..

    I like the ad! Stems from the whole, "It's five o'clock somewhere" attitude..

  3. Miami and Buenos Aires are one time zone away from each other, not exactly the wisest choice of cities to get the message across. Ever heard of Tokyo, Sydney, or Pyongyang?

  4. Pyongyang sounds like a happening place too.