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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beirut Survival Guide Part II

cafe super brasil (5)Lebanese food is well known but it’s Lebanese drink that keeps everyone going. The day must begin with Lebanese coffee and perhaps it will be your good fortune to get your fortune told in the bottom of your cup. abu abed (2) Power up your day with Abu Abed’s power drink. Somehow the heavyset guy on the bottle looks like he should be serving up a plate of raw liver.kazouza (2)Quench your thirst with this authentic Lebanese soft drink and if you smoke, grab a pack of Cedar’s cigarettes. cocacolaGrab a Coke and a smile, maybe you’ll win a Blackberry Torch or ….something. almaza (15) A cold beer with your lunch sounds nice. Ordering beer in Lebanon is easy. “I’ll have a beer.” “Almaza?”. Say yes. nescafe (10) Feeling a little sluggish? Nescafe is a great little pick-me-up. An afternoon delight shared with a neighbor. Yum.ksara (4) What better way to end the day? Lebanese wine filled with the goodness from the land….ksara (9)                         and in true Lebanese fashion…..ksara (10)                     the story changes as you go..


  1. Those ads and posters are quite colourful.

  2. I loved Ksara ads! Just perfect and the cold white wine looks really refreshing when u're stuck in traffic in the heat!

  3. find the similarities after looking at this: