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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lebanese Dreams

reva                 Perhaps she dreams of precious gems…. reva (7)  and maybe he dreams of hotrods and money falling from the sky…….reva (14) or maybe Lebanese dream of 24/24 electricity with no generators or internet that isn’t the worst in the world or roads without tire-busting potholes or having political leaders who really are public servants instead of self-servants or knowing that only the Lebanese army is armed or not being forced to move away to make a living but until then the Lebanese dream of getting another passport from someplace new.


  1. It's the sad reality but those last ones are most definitely the dreams of many of the Lebanese abroad.

  2. That last one sounds about right .. passports ! :P

  3. This billboards might change, but many facets of Lebanese life will not. The cancer is now eating away at the bone !