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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Take Out The Trash

Jeita Grotto is one of the most visited places in Lebanon. This is the only road that takes you there. This is also the road to Jeita Country Club and is a scenic drive as it gives a great view of the Nahr El Kelb valley which divides Metn and Keserwan. Most tourists stop along the way to enjoy the view and get their picture taken with the mountains and trees behind them. Sadly this road is also a makeshift dumping site for construction debris and the occasional washing machine. The local municipalities have posted signs saying that dumping is illegal.Jeita It was shocking to see this truck backed up and blocking a lane as he was preparing to dump his load. I informed the driver that what he was doing was illegal. He made no response but continued.Jeita (2)                    This is his plate #- M332811.Jeita (3)                                 Jeita (4)                                      Jeita (5) Jeita (6)Jeita (7)           The result. The police were immediately informed.Jeita (8)Several days later, I saw this truck and driver. I asked him if he was going to dump any of this here. He explained to me that he collects metal and things and he said it would be a shame (haram) to dump trash here. It seems that this scenic drive to what many Lebanese hope will be one of the new Wonders Of The World is also on the map as a good place to go collect some valuable trash. Haram.


  1. You did the right thing by posting the asshole's plate number online. What a dick.

  2. Bravo! what a shame

  3. Absolutely terrible! Glad you posted his plate number. Someone once told me that the worst thing to happen to Lebanon was the Lebanese ppl..I'm beginning to think they were right!