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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Than Forever

trident (7) But then there’s that other brand of gum that really stays with you.trident (9)You get the little box from the beggar in traffic or from a cashier if they don’t have 250LL coins. trident (12)You keep it in the car and hand it to the little beggar kids who in turn use it to get some loose change. Too bad cashiers won’t accept it if you don’t have 250LL.


  1. Is this what we have to look forward to in the old age? Advertising is supposed to sell hope. This is a better fitting ad for Xanax or Prozac than it is for a fun-enducing chewing gum. Pathetic really!

  2. exactly! Are they saying one box of gum lasts a lifetime? Also, this is really hard to read unless you are stopped directly in front of the sign.

  3. Blame James Walter Thompson

  4. This campaign is wrong on many levels...
    It's not even legible! This is the first time I get to actually read what's written on the gum.