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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sagmeister - Aishti Beirut Ad Campaign

aishti (5)It appears that this depressing and widely ignored ad campaign will continue to terrorize Beirut citizens into 2012 as this billboard building changes infrequently. Fellow blogger Rita posted this: My Misadventure At Aishti with her take on the campaign. The interesting part of this campaign is the enthusiasm the agency seems to have for it and the total lack of enthusiasm from Beirutis. It’s too boring to even generate the negative buzz the Lebanese Blogosphere is known for creating. We get that Aishti uses golden-yellow boxes and bags. Yawn……
Sagmeister Inc. created the Aishti Ad [link] (NSFW-some nudity). Here’s what they say about the ad campaign…….
“Advertising Campaign for Aishti, a luxury department store in Beirut. We honed in on Aishti's signature orange gift box, making it the visual centerpiece of the campaign. The box becomes a symbol for the brand, turning into an object of luxury. Campaign images were used in newspapers, magazines, and billboards in the Middle East.”
Art direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Design & Direction: Jessica Walsh
Design: Jong Woo Si
Photography: Bela Borsodi, Henry Hargreaves
Retouching: Lutz and Schmidt
Created: 2010
Categories: Advertisement


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