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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top 10 Destinations

mystera (4) Ibiza, Mykonos, Rome, Cyprus, Dubai, London, L.A, NYC, Paris, Monaco…
Lebanese people love to travel and of their top destinations, Nepal isn’t on that list. But if traveling to Nepal is your dream, enter to win this one. Win a free trip to Nepal


  1. Actually Nepal is becoming a popular destination among the Lebanese, and you can even get a visa on arrival which of course is a huge bonus..

  2. Good idea, hayek bwafir 7a2 ticket el raj3a taba3 el Nepali Girl who helps me at home

  3. What's wrong with Nepal? Just because these are the most popular destinations doesn't mean they are the only places that should be seen or advertised. I'd personally much rather go to Nepal than Dubai for example. I usually enjoy reading your comments but don't agree with this one.