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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Mystery Of Love


Once again, we are left to guess….is this an advertising campaign? Is this a love story? What is the story?

A) Joseph and Michelle met and married. This is his way of re-affirming his love for his wife.

B) Joseph got a little distracted and Michelle found out and Joseph hopes this billboard will help.

C) Michelle is in love with someone else while Joseph is hopelessly in love with Michelle and her family has threatened to kill him if he comes near her. She won’t take his calls so this billboard is his last hope.

D) Joseph is married to the daughter of the owner of the company that he works for and hopes to run one day since there are no boys in her family while Michelle is married to a man who is very influential. Michelle and Joseph have been having a passionate affair but both realize that their future together is impossible. Their names are not really Michelle and Joseph. Oh yeah and “Michelle’s” husband is her lover’s brother and “Joseph” is married to “Michelle’s” uncle’s daughter. The names were changed to protect the guilty.


  1. What if it isn't Michelle? Looool! Great scenarios :-)

  2. The background has "Michelle" written...but what if it's Michael and Joseph? That's a whole different kind of love story!

  3. It's code. There's something to be understood in the lower-case "m" in "my", as opposed to the other capitals.

  4. The will you marry me one was cute but khalas

  5. Do keep us updated if you ever find out.

  6. It's really interesting...How did he have the idea?? what if she won't notice it :P
    Hope we'll find out soon what happens ;)

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