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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wonder Woman

LaSirene            Looking at this woman….really makes you wonder!


  1. She just proved to the entire world that indeed extra-terrestrial life exists

  2. very nice billboard(advertisement) for spa centre....good point!

    Greetings from Serbia!

  3. Oooooh, her blond wig is just tooooo blond.

    Browsing through your previous posts I do find a bit disturbing to see all these naked or semi-naked women on your billboards (and they're always blond) - is it just me? It seems to me we see less of those here in France. It makes me wonder about the Islamist view of the Western world as a sex-driven house of temptations. But they do it far more than we do.

    Puzzled. There's something worth exploring there.

  4. well Nathalie, some billboards in Lebanon are disturbing and some are outrageous which makes my blog possible :) Advertisers in Lebanon have a great deal of freedom and the 18 religious sects have little influence about the content. So one less thing we can blame on Islam or the Church, the only ones really responsible for these racy ads are the advertisers and maybe the Lebanese(men & women),they love blonde hair and great bodies!

  5. I know that Princess Leia used Coke on the Star Wars set but DAMN! Can it turn you into the blonde robot on Spaceballs too?

  6. Hahah...I read your blog as much for the commentary as for the content. Saw this one a while ago..really? Would anyone pay to get this done to themselves?

  7. In mythology, the siren was a seductress who lured sailors to their doom. But two things need to be mentioned:

    1- They sang well. This siren doesn't look like she can open her mouth!

    2- Sirens are also half bird. So maybe that's why thy doesn't show us the bottom part of the lady?

    Now, what remains to be asked: Do they offer 'plucking' services at the spa? No one wants a woman with feathers; not even a sailor.