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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Far We’ve Come…

marie france (2)                           New solar powered billboards….
marie france (4)
       For a cleaner environment and being considerate of Lebanon’s limited energy resources…
marie france (5)         Here’s a great example that should inspire companies and individuals to bring new technology to Lebanon….
marie france (6) Harnessing the sun’s energy to shine a light on scantily-clad women…
marie france (8)
                              in provocative poses…..
marie france (10)
             Is a bit of a setback in our effort to move forward.


  1. It's advertising for a lingerie company... take a chill pill man! Everywhere in the world we find scantily-clad women in provocative poses to push Lingerie items!
    Do we have to be all covered up in order to fit a certain ideal of Intellectual/cultural progress that some have in mind?
    I say no!
    The body is a beautiful creation. Just enjoy them ladies and If you don't like it, don't look!
    People should find better topics to nag about... It's Lebanon. Pick one!

  2. I just woke up actually. But it's understandable.. It's an appropriate reply when one has nothing to say..

  3. somehow it seemed ironic that the innovation of solar powered billboards was being used to light up 1950's pin-up style girlie know the whole women's rights and women aren't just sex objects and women's equality and ...well ,'re right, i have nothing to say :(

  4. Do you have car accidents down there??
    Once in a taxi in Budapest to the airport I started counting advertising posters,but your city must have much much more....
    Drive carefully, and have a nice day!

    Gunn /

  5. What a waste of space..but it isss next voodooo!! Maybe they're trying to give passerbys an appetizer of what is yet to come? kitsch!

  6. very creative and friendly to the environment .....