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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Food

        The power of peanuts!  Snickers really satisfies you!


  1. Snickers are my favorite candy bar! I'm amazed at all the billboards you find to show us!
    Warm regards from cold, snowy EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota

  2. Leif, y'all stay warm out there! Danielle, this is a fun ad :)

  3. I think I was so brainwashed by that slogan when I was younger that even today when I am hungry if I see a Snickers bar I think, oh, I should eat that, it will fill me up and give me energy. I would not even *remotely* think this way about any other candy bar. And of course, when I think about it I know it's not really a good choice to eat. They really worked their magic with that slogan. I think that was back before energy bars, no?

  4. I guess that's right about Snickers being the original energy bar. The link in my comment also says that peanuts have some special viagra-like properties, so this puts Snickers into a special category. Who knew??

  5. It really does ! But I unintentionally mistook the peanut for a... dick ! : p