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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looks Like Beirut

NYC (15) Beirut Drive-by Shooting recently traveled to New York City. The billboards are amazingly similar! Seductive lingerie ads….
NYC (10)         Split ads with leggy models selling alcohol…just like Beirut…
NYC (5) Way too many ads all crammed together…fighting for your attention.
NYC (3) But thankfully, Beirut’s ad agencies haven’t gone this far…
“Drop something other than cash in New York.”  Charmin toliet paper sponsors the public toilets located on 42nd between 6th and Broadway.
Don’t get any ideas guys.…..


  1. That will give Jad ( a nice run for his money. Maybe he'll have to create a brand new certificate for this :)

  2. I heard 2 news reports say "Looks like Beirut" to describe the mess after the snowstorm in NYC. I wish Jad could have sent them a certificate!! How is it when Lebanese travel abroad they also say "Looks like Beirut" but they're looking at a beautiful village in Italy or Spain!!

  3. They need Scot Tissue. Charmin doesn't have enough grip.

  4. ahahah...this is great! Glad you had fun.. and eww to charmin!