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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be My Guest

Dr. Nader SaabThis week will feature commentary from around the Lebanese Blogosphere. This post is from Beirut/NTSC. Thanks Tarek!
                                    Three thumbs up.... 
Why am I so in love with this ad? Simply because, according to the laws of the medical profession in Lebanon doctors are not allowed to do ads on a personal basis, which is why, by managing to circumvent this strict law Dr. Nader Saab (Lebanon's most renowned plastic surgeon) was able to issue his ad, make his target audience understand the product all while staying at the innocent side of the law. For those who do did not get it, the ad says "beauty is rare (which means Nader) and difficult (which means Saab)".... Genius! Golden caviar and champagne for everyone!


  1. I like the portrait of the lady a lot. Nice shot and explanation.

  2. honestly i agree with you on playing on the medical law but i am not seing any creativity or good message behind it, it is a very silly ad playing on the copywritting and not a concept this strategy died 20 years ago but in lebanon and specially the agency behind this ad (clementine) still do this outdated ad strategy