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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grounds For Dismissal

emirates lebanon bank (2)emirates lebanon bank (2)Let’s hope the Emirates Lebanon Bank is better with numbers than they are with letters. 

Quoting from ELB’s website- Its' About Time to Build on Solid Ground 

“Following the tragic event that unfolded Sunday January 15 in Fassouh Achrafieh, one should learn for the future... and quickly.
Emirates Lebanon Bank calls upon all concerned parties to join hands in order to prevent similar tagic events.”

BDBS Editorial*** The grammar mistake on ELB’s billboard as well as the typo and total disregard for punctuation in the text from their website is unacceptable from any company or ad agency, let alone from a bank. It must also be noted that this ad is in response to the tragic collapse of a residential building and the subsequent loss of life, property and homes. The idea of a bank promoting a firm foundation is a strong message, yet in this case it not only is insensitive but is also a premature assumption. The ongoing investigation into the cause of the building collapse is incomplete and there is only speculation as to the real cause of the tragedy. Knowing that this ad is in response to the building collapse makes the images of tumbling blocks used in this ad disturbing.

The billboard ad gives no indication that it’s part of a bigger message via their website. After reading the online message, what once appeared as the misuse of “grounds” versus “ground” has now become a total disaster of an ad campaign. Emirates Bank of Lebanon basically says that from now on, Lebanon shouldn’t do this again. They’ve done a terrific job of stating the obvious. If they wanted to make this ad in response to the tragedy, why not express condolences or have a plan to help finance the rebuilding of lives? Better yet, why not take the money spent on spreading this billboard ad all over Beirut and donate those funds to the Lebanese Red Cross?

      News Report Link - Ashrafieh, Lebanon Building Collapse


  1. لنبنيه: اللام لام الأمر، نبنيه فعل مضارع مجزوم بلام الأمر و علامة جزمه حذف اليا... نسينا نحذف الياء. بيقولوا فلنبنه! عيب

  2. We use anything in this country even tragic events to promote ourselves