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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be My Guest

nahla (3)nahla (11)This week will feature commentary from around the Lebanese Blogosphere. This post is from Brofessional Review. Thanks!
         “Nahla is in each of you” launching campaign.
By Admin I : We’re basically in front of a campaign that we decided to ditch earlier and classify within the range of the campaigns “we don’t do” simply because attacking such a cheap approach can be nonsense, almost like arguing over the new “Al jamal nader wa saab” billboards!
But after the big budget spent on those outdoors filling the streets and the buzz created on social media platforms, covering Nahla became a must.
When first seeing the teasers, we kinda hoped for something interesting to show up, especially that they used pop inspired female portraits, a bit “a la rana salam” and also bringing back last year’s brand protection group’s campaign into memories; but then visuals came random. some having pop women while others showcased cheap stock imagery and a modern almost cliche typeface choice with some flagrant words like “taybe – delicious”, “betsalleh – entertaining” etc..
the campaign only lacked the product reveal, and here we go: It’s a gum! big deal! whether a gum or a beer or a stick of butter, attributing vulgar street slangs used to describe women as cheap objects to an ad is not by any means acceptable! why are we linking women to gum, and why even using such a low class of copywriting that will stick a bad reputation to the already failing brand design!?
Sorry for exposing you to this latest advertising catastrophe, but it’s high time for people to be aware of their socio-cultural role and start questioning the limits brands and consumerism behaviors should never cross!
“Nahla is in each one of you” we hope that’s not very true! (yey, it rhymes!)


  1. and at the end of the day the Gum can not even be found at any store !! what a let down...