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Friday, February 24, 2012

Be My Guest

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This week will feature commentary from around the Lebanese Blogosphere. This post is from Thanks Rita!

                 Advertising: The case of Lebanon

This post was written in collaboration with Beirut Drive-by

The relationship between advertising and the Lebanese population seems to be a very experimental stage. In fact it is amazing how the big advertising agencies we have are failing in this area… Is advertising in Lebanon dead? Did creativity pass away? Hopefully not but when one looks around the streets, TV, magazines etc… Numerous questions and concerns get raised:

Is any reliable research being done before exposing the public to the advertisement? Is there an actual concept that is being developed?
Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design etc… so many fields that are being mixed up and thought to be one and the same. This is frustrating!  Most of the times companies go for: a photo, and few a useless lines. No idea. No message. No concept. Just a mere “Hello, I exist.” Do they even know who their customers are and what appeals to them?

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