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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I See What You Did There! (2)                                       This is Beirut.Zoccai                                        This is Dubai.


  1. mmmm question is who did it first:p id love to think lebanon bas that's too far fetched:p

  2. Wekkm this is what happens when buys images... In the same issue of a magazien that went out in 2004 a bank did an ad for its investment services in stocks and used the same photo as Durex several pages later (it was the photo of a man who had an wondering look and has his hands joined in some sort of prayer in front of his face).... A the time I wrote an article called "lucky in finances unlucky in love"... But hey, I guess this is called "royalty free images"....

  3. This is a great post thanks for sharing it